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Need treatment for Verruca's and Warts?

We are the only local clinic offering the latest treatment options using breakthrough technology with proven results!

At Podiatry Station we have invested heavily in the latest equipment to treat Verruca's and Warts. Sift Microwave Therapy is available for both children and adults, and the success rate for this treatment supersedes any other known treatment option currently available. We can help you. Stop the spread, and seek urgent treatment without further delay!

Are you suffering from foot pain, heel pain, ankle pain, knee pain, leg pain, or back pain?

Book a full assessment with our specialist MSK Podiatrist today!

At Podiatry Station we specialise in treating Musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions for both children and adults. Our Biomechanical assessments and Gait Analysis are great for patients who have any pain or discomfort from the hip down. Not only is a hands-on assessment included, we also use Artificial Intelligence software for better results. The system we use accurately measures your walking or running profile and gait in real life conditions within just a few minutes. It works with intelligent insoles, a Bluetooth transmitter and a web interface for the Podiatrist to view your results. From this a detailed and bespoke treatment plan is drawn up, which may include several treatment options to help start the process of rehabilitation.

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