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Have You Been Diagnosed With Diabetes?

Taking care of your feet is crucial, so book an assessment with our Podiatrist today...

Being diagnosed with Diabetes is a life changing event. Many patients feel depressed at the thought of having to take tablets and inject themselves in addition to being restricted to what they can eat. However this does not have to be the case. In fact the opposite is true! Diabetes is one of those disorders that if you take control early on then you can delay or even prevent the onset of many problems.

Are You Suffering From Painful Feet?

We can help you find a solution...

A full biomechanical assessment allows the Podiatrist to assess the manner, functionality and alignment of the lower limb and foot. It is specifically beneficial to those who have pain which has not been diagnosed or pain which has failed to respond to medication. The examination is done with the patient in a weight bearing (standing) and non-weight bearing (lying) position. The podiatrist will concentrate on examining the range, direction and quality of motion within the hip, knee, lower limb and foot.

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